Extraneum Press Kit


David Jalbert
Based in Quebec, Canada
Release Date
Steam Early Access: June 15th 2022
Version 1.0: TBA
Early Access: $11.99 (USD)
Version 1.0 (TBA): $14.99 (USD)


Thanks to your high resilience and your even higher scores on the Universal Weapon Handling Assessment, you were lucky enough to get hired as a security guard for top secret Project EXTRANEÜM (pronounced ex-strain-yum). You had no idea what this project was all about, but you certainly didn't sign up for a total overrun of the facilities by alien looking monstrosities.Looks like you're doing overtime today. Grab your trusty knife and your standard issue SMG and send these abominations back to hell where they belong.---EXTRANEÜM is a brutal old-school first person shooter with an emphasis on exploration and secret hunting. Shoot monsters and find upgrades as you progress through the laboratories of Project EXTRANEÜM in search for the truth... and a way to put an end to it all.Inspired by classic FPS games of the early 90's, Extraneum aims to be a simple and fun game you can play right away, without burdening the player with an overbearing story or complex mechanics, but also offers some modern concepts to spice up the gameplay, such as player upgrades, secret weapons, in-game currency that you can use to purchase items and respawner uses, and optional story-telling items hidden throughout the game.


  • 24 action-packed levels

  • 6 weapons, each upgradable to a more powerful variant

  • 12 enemy types and 3 unique bosses

  • Plenty of power-ups, bonuses, and data disks to find, hidden in secret areas all over the world

  • Quirky pixelated graphics

  • A banging original soundtrack




Logo & Artwork


Developer / Designer
David Jalbert
Benjamin Suacot
Cover art
Carlos Garcia

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